Did you know that rear-end collisions are the most common type of motor vehicle crashes? And most occur at slower speeds and cause minor structural damage. Although, you should have it checked out as there may be hidden damage.

Electrical damage in your vehicle

It’s amazing what might loosen where there has been impact, even if it was minor. Look over wires to your battery, brake lights, taillights, or starter.

Car transmission damage

Mechanical parts of your vehicle should be checked out too including components located near the rear. Signs of transmission issues might be car shifting roughly, leaking transmission fluid, or poor acceleration.

Trunk damaged

That small ding at the rear of your vehicle might have damaged the trunk locking mechanism and seal. You don’t want to leave this unaddressed as you may have trouble opening the trunk, water could leak into the storage compartment, or the trunk lid may even pop open while driving.

Car frame damage

Now let’s talk about the metal components behind the rear bumper. Because most bumpers are plastic your car’s frame could have been jeopardized from a minor collision. Other safety problems that might be affected is the onboard, driver warning system and cameras that might be installed in your bumper.

Car alignment problems

Hitting a pothole can knock your car out of alignment, so think about a rear impact. Your car alignment may be off if it starts pulling to one side of the road, vibrates strangely or there’s a shimmy in the steering wheel. A misaligned vehicle can cause premature wear and tear to your tires, brakes, suspension and other parts that result in poor handling issues.

Your reliable solution for rear-end car collisions

The best route to take if your vehicle has been involved in a minor rear-end collision is to call Glaser’s Collision Centers and have your car checked out. Don’t pocket the insurance check and gamble on your safety. Your life and those in the vehicle with you are too important.

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