Today there are more drunk drivers on the road: throughout the night AND day. Staying vigilant and watching for drunk driver behavior is a start to protecting yourself and your passengers. Below are signs of drunk driving:

Drunk driver cues
  • Strange driving. They might weave in and out lanes and even strike objects and vehicles along the way.
  • Miscalculating turns. Drivers may make extreme and unbelievably wide turns.
  • Extremely slow driving. Driving as low as 10 mph below the speed limit is a common behavior of drunk drivers. They are trying to compensate by driving more carefully (even though driving too slowly is dangerous too!)
  • Miscalculating vehicle distance. Tailing another car too closely or hugging the line is another cue that the driver is drunk.
  • Braking erratically or suddenly. This is because the spirit of liquor has made them lose their balance and control.
  • Headlights are off. Because all faculties are not functioning, drunk drivers forget to turn on their headlights and end up driving without them. This is where accidents happen as the other vehicles may not notice them in the evening hours.
 You see the signs, now what?

If your suspicion is confirmed or even heightened by a driver behaving in any of these ways, call 911. The driver might also have other issues that the police can check on. Don’t try to intervene in any way.

Here are tips if you are driving around the suspected drunk driver:

  • If you are behind a driver, stay far behind. The driver may brake suddenly and cause you to rear-end them.
  • If in front of the driver, get out of the way. After reporting, getting out of the way is the safest thing to do.
  • Don’t try to pass the driver. They may weave in and out of their lane and you don’t want to have a chance to be sideswiped.
  • Always make sure you are wearing your seat belt, as well as the other passengers in your car. This is the best defense against any type of accident.

Driving drunk is dangerous and illegal. Always give up your keys if you have had one too many. Call a sober friend for help. Be safe.