When its Spring Break time many families are planning an out of town adventure. Before you hit the road, remember to do some basic pre-trip maintenance to ensure a hassle free trip.

Check your serpentine belt.

General guidelines are to change it at 60,000-80,000 miles. If you are not replacing it, be sure to check for small cracks, wear or other visible damage.

Check your fluids.
    • Change your oil
    • Check your transmission fluid ( check this fluid level with the engine running )
    • Check your brake fluid ( make sure level is correct )
    • Check your power steering fluid ( make sure level is correct, also some cars have electronic steering so there will be no fluid )
    • Check your antifreeze ( be sure the level is correct and have it flushed periodically (every manufacturer has different recommendations for when to change it)
Check all your lamps.

Headlamps and tail lamps are the obvious ones, but don’t forget about the side marker lamps, back up lamps and license plate lamps.

Check all the hoses on the engine.

You want to look for visible cracks or cuts. Also look for damp spots that indicate leaking clamps and fittings on the hose ends.

Check your tire pressure.

The day you are leaving, look over your tires and check the pressure for any last minute issues.  This will not only keep you safer, but will also give you better fuel economy on the road.

Change your wiper blades.

Spring always brings a lot of rain, it is a good idea to go ahead and get some new wipers now.

Stay safe, stay attentive to your surroundings and enjoy the trip.

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