In the past, it’s been customary to get three estimates before deciding which auto body shop will fix your vehicle, but in the state of Kentucky, it is not required. It is best to utilize your time to find a professional shop with experienced personnel and trust them to do the auto body estimate and the repair work right.

Are multiple estimates helpful?

If you do a search online, you will see there are some who recommend car owners request multiple auto body estimates for auto repair work. But the time involved in driving around and waiting for the estimates can be extensive and delay getting your vehicle repaired. Most drivers can’t afford to waste this much time and don’t want to drive around in a damaged car.

Really, only one estimate?

Sure, it’s true that you will probably see a difference in the prices quoted for auto body repair. But, it’s also true the cheapest auto body estimate may not be the best one. Also, keep in mind, that the total estimated price doesn’t tell the whole story.

Repair estimates can be inaccurate at predicting the final cost of fixing a car. Not until a vehicle can be disassembled and the damage fully inspected, can a final cost be determined. The very definition of an estimate is a best guess. It is not a contractual fixed price.

Apples to oranges: one repair shop might provide you a quote covering the cost of fixing a part. Another repair shop might tell you the cost of replacing it entirely. These are not comparable services. Finally, just because one is cheaper, doesn’t mean that it’s the best option for you or your car.

A job well done.

Most times one quote made by a reliable body shop is all you need. Having your car fixed isn’t just about parts and labor. A good auto body estimate also factors in the quality of the paint and parts used, as well as the amount of time needed to do the job well the first time. The quote will give you a general idea of what will be needed to fix the vehicle and how long it will need to stay at the shop.

Until the technicians disassemble your car, there is no way to accurately predict the true cost of the repair. Additional parts or labor, which were unexpected when the estimate was made, is known as a supplement. The shop will inform you and your insurance company of the final cost. This is standard operating procedure in this industry.

Don’t waste your time getting three or more estimates. Go to a reputable repair shop, which offers a guarantee for their work, and let the experienced technicians work up a detailed auto body estimate. Then, that shop can help you file a car insurance claim, schedule a rental car, if you qualify, and work through the claims process.

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