Strap on some gloves and take some time to clean out your car. We all spend a lot of time in our cars and sanitizing your vehicle is important. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Hard Surfaces: Use disinfecting wipes or soapy water to clean hard surfaces throughout your vehicle. Don’t forget to clean the door handles inside and out for all sides.
  2. High-Touch Surfaces: The key areas you and your passengers touch: infotainment touch screen, climate and audio controls, steering wheel, shifter knob, turn signal, and any power window, mirror, and locking buttons, as well as your keys or the push-button ignition. Using disinfecting wipes or an alcohol-based product with microfiber cloth is best for electronic items.
  3. Soft Surfaces: Leather cleaner, vehicle carpet, or upholstery shampoo help sanitize those surfaces. And don’t forget the back of the seats where little hands have been.
  4. Child Seats: Take time to wash items like car seats, car blankets, the rear-seat entertainment system, any climate controls or remotes, and any books or toys your children keep in the car.

Keeping hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes in the vehicle are good to wipe down both the car but also for your hands. Stay safe and healthy.

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