There are so many different requirements to follow to ensure you’re changing your car’s engine oil properly. Depending on vehicle age, type of oil, and driving conditions, oil change intervals will vary. It used to be normal to change the oil every 3,000 miles, but with modern lubricants, most engines today have recommended oil change intervals of 5,000 to 7,500 miles. And then, if your car’s engine requires full-synthetic motor oil, it might go as far as 15,000 miles between services!

Oil Change Intervals for Older Cars

Older cars typically have oil changes based on mileage. If you drive in severe conditions such as considerable stop-and-go driving, pull heavy loads, or the climate is extremely hot or cold, you may need to stick to a strict maintenance plan for your vehicle. With normal driving, check oil levels periodically and follow the owner’s manual recommendations for maintenance.

Oil Change Intervals for New Cars

Most new cars today have monitoring systems that alert you when you should change your oil. Allowing the system to direct your time to change is great but in between still check your oil levels and top off as needed.

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Here is a description of different motor oil types:

Full synthetic oil–ideal for vehicles that demand peak level performance and high levels of lubrication. Full synthetic oil is resistant to oxidation and thermal breakdown and helps fight against oil sludge. Plus, it helps improve fuel efficiency and can even increase a vehicle’s horsepower by reducing engine drag. Synthetic oil can cost two to four times that of regular oil.

Synthetic blend oil–offers the best of both worlds. It has many of the characteristics of full synthetic oil but at a much lower price. This type of oil is a mixture of synthetic and conventional base oils, plus some additives, for extra resistance to oxidation and excellent low-temperature properties. Synthetic blends make it easy for drivers to make the switch from conventional to synthetic oil.

Conventional oil–most commonly used type of oil. It is ideal for light-duty, late-model cars with low to average mileage and a simple engine design.

High mileage oil–designed for cars with more than 75,000 miles. This type of oil can help reduce oil consumption, minimize leaks and oil seepage, and can also help reduce smoke and emissions in older engines.

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