When you go over a bump in the road does your vehicle bounce around? Are you having issues steering? This could indicate issues with your shocks or struts.

What’s the difference between Shocks and Struts?

Understand first that vehicles have either shocks or struts, not both. As part of your suspension system, they minimize the springing movement and stop the oscillation and bounce of your car.

shocks vs struts


Act strictly as shock absorbers to help better handle your vehicle.


Are a structural part of your car’s suspension system, as well as the steering system, and greatly affect the alignment. When a strut is replaced, you’ll also need a wheel alignment at the same time.

What are signs my vehicle needs new shocks or struts?

Bumpy Ride

You’ll feel those speed bumps more and your car may be difficult to control.

Steering Problems

Your steering wheel may feel stiff or hard to turn or your vehicle will sway or lean when turning or switching lanes.

Braking Problems

A vehicle with worn struts may feel unstable or take a nosedive or lurch forward when you brake.

Fluid Leaks

If you know where to look, shocks or struts may need repair if you see fluid leaking.

Unusual Tire Tread Wear

Check your treads. Worn struts or shocks impact the suspension which may cause uneven tread wear.


Check your vehicle mileage, generally replacement of shocks or struts are every 50,000 miles.


If there are any concerns about your vehicle performance, have your mechanic check it out.

In the collision repair business, we believe keeping your car in good shape for all driving conditions helps reduce collisions. Be safe on the road.


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