As in, what topics you covered in the automotive education, what some of the door prizes were, how you got the word out about the event, were other local businesses involved, etc.  We host this event every October (fall car care month) in our collision center. I feel it is important for the ladies to be able to come through the doors, and see the actual facility not just the front office. I think that it makes the idea of a collision center less intimidating. We just started 2 years ago doing valet parking and the ladies love it. We want them to feel VIP from the moment they pull on our lot. When the event starts we have a half-hour for food/drinks, and we have vendors that come in to set up booths for the ladies to shop/browse products. The vendors get to network with these ladies by donating a $50.00 value door prize to be given out that night. This year we had a huge variety of vendors from consultants who sold jewelry, clothing, kitchen items, all natural cleaning items, monogramed items, a yoga instructor, a massage therapist giving out free chair massages, etc. After eating and shopping we have a 45 minute seminar. This year we discussed general maintenance like how to change a tire, when to know when you need new tires, how to check and change your oil, etc.  We then have a break for them to get up and move around. At that point they are free to shop some more, get more to eat or drink, or we have hands on stations that they can actual try doing what we just discussed, like change a tire, change windshield wiper blades, check oil, etc. We have plenty of our technicians on hands to answer any questions they may have during this time. After the break we finish up with our next 45 minute seminar where we discuss something collision related. This year we showed the ladies what to look for when purchasing a used vehicle, tell tell signs of if it has been in a collision or not. We also cover what to do and what to expect when you get into a collision. At the end of the event we also deployed airbags so that the ladies could hear, see, and smell what it would be like in the event of an accident. We have a ton of customers who think their car is on fire and end up jumping out into a not so safe street. We feel it is important to talk them through what to expect and then what to do and not to do so they remain safe. The event in total is two and a half hours long but they stay until the very end. No one walks home empty handed though, we give out a free tote bag filled with goodies and information! During the entire event we randomly draw for door prizes, keeping them on their toes and engaged. Some of the bigger ticket items we had this year was a 150.00 detail donated by one of our parts vendors, free oil changes also donated by a parts vendor, jump boxes for your car donated by our tool vendor, a fit bit and Michael Kors purse and wallet that was given by Glaser’s Collision. Each year we try to do something big and different. We have had everything from and IPad, to a flat screen TV, to a Coach Purse etc.We rely heavily on social media and word of mouth to get the word out about our event. At first we went around to our insurance agents, and local businesses with flyers to blast the word. As the years passed word got around and Facebook became a key player in helping to spread the word faster and to more women!Many of our parts vendors and rental car companies that we deal with through the collision center are involved every year and want to be. They will either donate door prizes, drinks, money for food, or promotional items that we can give away during the event. We have a PDR company who will actually come and set up a booth and show how to get a door ding or dent out of a car that night. Our support for this event is endless from our team at Glaser’s Collision Center, to all of our vendors that we deal with on a daily basis!